Advanced Placement English Literature and Composition is a year-long college-bound course that deals with extensive critical analysis of selected novels, drama, and poetry in preparation for the College Board’s A.P. English Literature and Composition test which is given in May.  It is designed for self-motivated, advanced students who read and enjoy quality literature and write well.  Students will be assigned a novel to be studied in detail during the summer prior to their senior year.  Taking the A.P. exam is an option.  This course fulfills the senior English literature and composition requirements.

English 10 is a year-long, one credit course that includes the study of literature focusing on short stories, novels, drama, nonfiction, and poetry. The composition studies center around reviewing mechanics and usage, speaking and listening, and writing an autobiography and a research paper.

Gr. 10All YearPrerequisite: none

English 9 is a year-long, one credit course that will integrate reading, basic writing, and speaking/listening skills through high interest literary themes. A variety of shorter writing experiences will be integrated through the year with readings in drama, poetry, nonfiction and a novel.

Composition/Literature 9 is year-long course designed to prepare students for a two- or four-year college. The literature portion will concentrate on experiences with classic and contemporary literature, including a survey of literary elements, exposure to traditional forms of drama, and analysis of theme. The composition portion will cover forms of technical writing documents including personal writing, business writing, literary analysis, and expanded composition skills.

This unit focuses on learning about different types of poems.  Students will be reading, writing, and creating their own poetry collection.

Writing Prompt
Every weekday, rain or shine, youwalk to school. You can see the school when you are two blocks away. It always looks the same, just a one-story block building. There is nothing very interesting about it at all. Today as you walk toward the school, you notice something different. The school is lit up with a silvery light.
Now write the rest of the story.